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Unattended Citrix PVS Agent

Firstly install the PVS agent PVS_Device_64.exe via the GUI (take a snapshot so you can roll back) and then copy the following files from C:\Windows\System32 to a share for when doing deployment later Silent deployment copy “\\Server\Share\CFsDep2.sys” %Windir%\System32\Drivers /ycopy “\\Server\Share\bnistack6.sys”… Continue Reading →

Unattended Citrix Workspace

Installing Citrix Workspace on Windows 10 image CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe /silent /includeSSON SelfServiceMode=False ENABLE_DYNAMIC_CLIENT_NAME =Yes ENABLE_SSON=Yes /EnableCEIP=False /AutoUpdateCheck=disabled

Unattended VDA install

Installing the 7.15CU6 VDA on Windows 10 \x64\XenDesktop Setup\XenDesktopVDASetup.exe /quiet /components vda,plugins /noreboot /masterimage /Enable_HDX_PORTS /enable_framehawk_port /Enable_REAL_TIME_TRANSPORT /enable_remote_assistance /optimize /controllers “xdc01.corp.local xdc02.corp.local” /Exclude “Citrix Telemetry Service” /disableexperiencemetrics

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